Air Conditioning – How It Can Help Your Allergies

You may be surprised to learn that air conditioning can actually help keep your allergies under control. While flowers, pollen, and grass are troublesome triggers for many allergy sufferers in the warmer months, there are still plenty of culprits in Autumn, too. It can be a tricky season, with some days being a little chilly and others surprisingly warm. Both air conditioning and heating are often used in the colder months of Autumn.

Longwine Services offer specialist ventilation, air condition and heating services across Essex. We have an in-depth understanding of air conditioning and its many benefits to not only commercial areas, but homes too. Air conditioning in your home can help to control your allergies.


Common Allergies:

Pets – We all adore our pets, but there are some drawbacks to our fluffy friends for some people. It isn’t just pet fur that can cause allergies; it is also dander. It is not possible to get rid of dander completely.

Grass – A prevalent allergen, more noticeable in Spring and Summer, but can irritate all year round. Common symptoms of a grass allergy are sinus issues and rashes.

Pollen – Again, more of a problem in warmer months. When different plants bloom, they release pollen into the air. People can be allergic to many different plants, at any time of the year.

Dust, Fibres and Mites – These allergens are in every home, in carpets, bedding, walls and furnishings.

So, How Exactly Will Air Conditioning Help?

Air conditioning will improve the quality of the air in your home. Good quality air will help limit irritants such as dander, pollen, and dust. Your air conditioning unit will filter the air in your home and catch allergens, leaving you with fewer allergy issues. You will be breathing cleaner air and will notice fewer symptoms. Any allergy sufferer will tell you that many things from itchy eyes to dry throat and breathing difficulties can be troublesome allergy symptoms.

A sound air conditioning system will also control the humidity in your home, which in turn will reduce your chances of mould forming. Mould is another known and potentially dangerous allergy trigger.

If you would like more information on the air conditioning and heating services that we offer at Longwine Services, please call us on 07525488837


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