Office Air Conditioning Systems – How Often Do They Require Cleaning?

Your office air conditioning system

Air conditioning systems generally work in the background, requiring little human input. Your office environment should be at a consistently comfortable temperature. However, maintenance and cleaning are essential to ensure your air-con is running safely and effectively. This will also prevent expensive issues arising down the line as well as maximise your system’s longevity.

As a critical part of your office setting and productivity, a well-cared air-con system is a must. Staff will be happier and more productive in a comfortable and healthy work environment. To get the most from your air-con system, periodical cleaning and maintenance should be in place.

The benefits of servicing your air conditioning

The periodical servicing of air conditioning systems is an essential task that must be included in your business budget. Some of the benefits of regular servicing include:

  • Enhancing the life of your system
  • Reducing the risk of interruption of service
  • Reducing the risk of costly problems in the future
  • Ensuring all building inhabitants are in safe and comfortable surroundings

How often to schedule services

How often your office air-con system requires cleaning and servicing will depend on a few factors:

  • How hard the system needs to work
  • If the system is used all year round
  • The age of your system
  • The size and type of your system
  • The type of building the system is installed in
  • The location of your business

Potential issues if an office air-con system is not cared for

A poorly maintained air-conditioning system will be prone to faults and, eventually, the system may break down. The components will fail and become a dangerous and costly problem for the business. You may also be facing higher fuel bills.

Another possible problem when a system is not looked after correctly is dirty air conditioning vents. If the vents are not dusted or cleaned, the dirt can build up and cause issues. The filter pulls dust and other allergens from the air. If this functioning is not working sufficiently, the air will not be comfortable or safe. Filters can be cleaned and replaced easily, stopping the problem from escalating to a more complex one.


What does an office air condition service entail?

Some of the things included in a planned office air conditioning system service include:

  • System testing
  • Cleaning of components
  • Cleaning and replacing of filters
  • Oiling of motor components
  • Testing of electrical components
  • Testing the thermostat
  • Measuring the air-flow level
  • Refrigeration gas leak test

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