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Why Should Gyms Have Good Air Conditioning?

Regular gym-goers have an ongoing debate on whether it is better to work out with the air conditioning on or not.

Imagine that you are going for a quick workout at your gym. You wouldn’t want to exercise in a warm place where you can feel your sweat dripping from your body. Or in a space that smells and stinks because of all the sweaty bodies working out around you.

As gym-owners, your primary concern is to improve your member’s experience and time spent at your gym. There are many reasons why installing a good air conditioning system can greatly impact the experience of gym-goers.

Let’s take a look at three critical reasons why you need an HVAC system at your gym.


1.   Increases Productivity

It’s quite normal to think that the more you sweat, the more effective your workout will be and the more pounds you will shed (if you are looking to lose weight, that is).

You might come across articles explaining how people will be able to warm-up their bodies faster with zero air conditioning. However, several risks come with this approach.

Installing an AC in your gym is comfortable and safer for the gym-users. It allows you to regulate the overall temperature without making them sweat excessively and leading to a drop in their blood sugar due to dehydration. This can further lead to fatigue and headaches, which will promptly decrease their exercise efficiency.


2.   Better For Your Skin

Many fitness articles often talk about this: mid-workout or post-workout sweat can cause skin-related issues.

All the physical activity and the accompanying sweat may trigger excess oiliness on the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin. It is possible to get acne breakouts, rashes, or even eczema due to excessive sweat.

Therefore, it is essential to keep one’s body cool while working out. You should recommend gym-users to hydrate regularly, avoid sharing workout equipment and try showering immediately after the workout.

Furthermore, you should keep a well-maintained air conditioning system at your gym. It will go a long way in keeping the skin of the gym-users healthy.


3.   Improved Air Quality and Reduced Humidity

Most gym-goers enjoy having early morning and evening workout routines. It is not uncommon for local gyms to be very crowded at certain times of the day. An influx of too many people means that there will be more sweaty-soaked human bodies in close proximity.

This can make the air feel muggy or sticky. The heat emanating from exercising bodies and the moisture from the sweat is directly proportional to the air’s humidity.

Air conditioning systems for gyms often come with a ‘dry mode’, which can greatly reduce the humidity, thereby improving the overall air quality. Plus, it will eliminate the smell and the stink that accompanies cardio or other heavy workout routines.



Having looked at all these points, we recommend that you install a high-quality air conditioning system in your gym. If you offer a comfortable gym environment, more people will enjoy frequenting your premises and want to subscribe to your membership.

Longwine Services offers highly professional HVAC services to a wide range of clients at affordable rates. Our team has years of experience with installing effectively planned air conditioning systems as per your needs.

Let’s work together to ensure adequate ventilation for your premises.

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